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'from this time onward'

Pacific inspired healing, centered around empowering others to regain control of their lives through accessing the power of their true essence, so that they may honour themselves and create a harmonic lifestyle

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“You have two ways to live your life, from memory or from inspiration. Memories are old programs replaying. Inspiration is the Divine giving you a message. You want to come from inspiration. The only way to hear the Divine and receive inspiration is to clean all memories. The only thing you have to do is clean.” - Ho'oponopono

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

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Carmen Smith - Singer, Songwriter and all round Queen

Through most of 2020 and into 2021 I had been struggling with health problems. Before this time, I had resigned myself to the fact that “I was always sickly”. My body was not coping and by 2020, my body was crashing. I knew there was more to it than just physical but had never given myself the time to sit with it. Covid gave us all the time to face our wounds.


It’s then that I found Rei at Amuri Healing and was ready to face what I now understand as wounds or traumas. Rei has an incredible skillset and her calm presence makes it easy to communicate what is happening for you. Through her energy work, I’ve learned that there are limiting beliefs attached to past trauma and how it affects my life now. She has and continues to help me wade the waters of stress, anxiety, shame and guilt until I reach the shore. I’ve learned that physical ailments are a manifestation of past trauma and through Rei’s sessions so much was revealed to me that I didn’t realise was hidden.  Huge, positive changes have come from my sessions with Rei at Amuri Healing and I'm forever grateful.

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Cumbalum (Ballina), NSW

+ 61 478 957 076

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