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I acknowledge the true owners and custodians of this land that I am privileged to live and work on. I pay my respects to elders, past and present and make a commitment to honouring the current and emerging First Nations People.


My Pepeha (Maori introduction)

Kia Ora te Whanau (Hello, my family)

Ko Reihana Toku Ingoa (My name is Reihana)

Ko Ihaia James Raua Ko Neke May Nathan Toku Tupuna (My ancestors are Ihaia and Neke Nathan)

Ko Derek Raua Ko Ulrike Nathan Toku Matua (My parents are Derek and Ulrike Nathan)

Ko Jay Nathan Toku Tuakana (My older brother is Jay Nathan)

Ko David Smith Toku Tane (My partner is David Smith)

Ko Remi Toku Tamahine (My daughter is Remi)

Ko Tutamoi Toku Maunga (My mountain is Tutamoi Ranges)

Ko Opanake Toku Awa (My river is Opanake)

Ko Nga Puhi Toku Iwi (My tribe is Nga Puhi)

Ko Taita Toku Marae (My marae is Taita)

Ko Mahuhu - Ki -Te-Rangi Toku Waka (My waka is Mahuhu-ki-te-rangi)

No reira, Tena Koutou Tena Koutou Tena Koutou Katoa (Therefore, greetings to you all)


My Father descends from Nga Puhi tribal lands in New Zealand and my Mother of German descent, born in South Africa arrived on Australia's shores in the '60s. An unlikely combination of cultures and belief systems, that paved the way to safe entry for me in 1984. Born in Newcastle and raised with an older brother, I spent my childhood in the small town of Raymond Terrace, north of Newcastle and moved to Sydney as a young adult at 18.


I have spent all of my adult life working in the field of care, which had never been a conscious decision of mine leaving school, but simply kept presenting itself within my career journey and I happily accepted. I began in the youth workspace, moving onto case management of juvenile offenders and then into Community Engagement Roles up until now. It took me till recently to recognise that this line of work I had fallen into was absolutely no coincidence and that it had all been part of a journey that would lead me closer to my true purpose, that of a healer.

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Amuri Healing was born in July 2018, out of redundancy and although it was an uncomfortable transition, in the beginning, moving from a regular and safe income to a self-owned and run business that would take some time to establish, I understood that it was a necessary change that was required for my personal growth and I was right. I began the business qualified in Reiki (Master Level), NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Ho'oponopono, and chakra balancing, and over the past 2 years, I have grown and evolved as a healer to a point now, where I am no longer searching for more modalities, but rather, focusing on my inner healing abilities and by that, I mean, connecting to my true essence, tapping into my indigenous knowledge, acknowledging my life's journey - what I have experienced and healed from, and recognising the value and importance of using this to help empower others who share similar paths. This can be dissolved into a practice known as a Shamanic approach to healing.  


A shamanic approach to healing acknowledges that when trauma is experienced, there is immediate confusion accompanied by soul loss and in order for us to process the trauma or move past the trauma, we create a new set of beliefs about ourselves that helps us to understand the trauma and replace the part of ourselves (soul) that was lost in the experience. We then identify with this belief system and go through life, creating experiences that validate it, thus creating pain, issues, or more trauma. Amuri Healing can help guide you through a gentle process of removing these belief systems and then retrieving the part of your soul that was lost in the original trauma.

Whatever it is that brings you to Amuri Healing, I can guarantee that you will never walk the same path again and I look forward to meeting each and every one of you.


Arohanui, Reihana x 

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